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Why is this question important?
Because a stock price implies a certain Required Business Performance®   to support that stock price. We want to own companies whose management can deliver the Required Business Performance®   to support the stock price. We want to avoid companies whose management cannot.
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Fact-driven, Forecast-free
While many active managers try to guess what a company will do in the future, we believe the key to successful investing is determining what a company must do. Transparent Value's family of mutual funds are based on this principle. Using the fact-driven, forecast-free RBP®   Methodology, Transparent Value's disciplined stock selection process aims to invest in companies that are the most likely to deliver the Required Business Performance®   to support the stock price.
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Rely on the Known
Transparent Value offers separately managed accounts to qualifying investors by combining the insight of the RBP®   Methodology with the innovative rules-based index construction methodology employed by Transparent Value IndexesSM   , thereby capturing benefits of both active and passive investing.
Fundamentally Analyzed, Quantitatively Selected
S&P Dow Jones Indices maintains and calculates the Transparent Value Indexes. Each fund in Transparent Value's family of mutual funds is aimed to replicate the performance of one of the Transparent Value Indexes. For a given universe, each index consists of those companies with the highest likelihood of delivering the Required Business Performance to support the stock price and avoids those companies with the highest behavioral risk. This process is designed to fuse the insights of fundamental analysis with the strict rules-based system of index construction.
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Transparent Value Directional Allocation VI Portfolio
Transparent Value manages the Directional Allocation strategy that serves as the underlying investment option in certain variable insurance products issued or administered by life companies. Please note this portfolio is not offered directly to the public.
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An investment in the Funds and or Portfolio involves risks, including loss of principal. No assurance can be given that the investment objectives described herein will be achieved. The Portfolios seek to track a quantitative strategy index, meaning that the Portfolios invest in securities comprising an index created by a proprietary model. The success of the Portfolios principal investment strategies depends on the effectiveness of the model in screening securities for inclusion in the Index.

For more complete information about the Funds , see the prospectus or call 1 (888) 727-6885. Financial Advisors should call 1-855-TV Funds or 1-855-883-8637. Read the prospectus carefully before you invest or send money.

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